What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The latest release of Dynamics 365 Customer Service delivers enhancements around knowledge articles, email file attachments, and more!

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    The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service delivers notable enhancements. In previous posts, we explored sales enhancements and marketing enhancements. In this post, we will explore a few key enhancements to customer service including inserting knowledge articles into an email, search for knowledge content in external sources, and intuitive email file attachment experience for agents.

    Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enhancements

    Insert knowledge articles into an email

    In the first half of 2020, Microsoft released enhancements to Knowledge Articles that included a new knowledge search option in the Customer Service Hub navigation and updates to the toolbar when creating or editing knowledge articles. As a follow up to these enhancements, Microsoft has brought the ability to insert knowledge articles into emails into the Unified Interface client! This feature was previously available in the legacy web client but had not been available in the Unified Interface client until this release.

    It’s as simple as clicking Insert Knowledge Article in the ribbon.

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    Then search for the article that is needed, select the article, and click Insert article content above the article preview.

    dynamics 365 customer service search knowledge articles

    Now the article content is directly in the body of the email and can be easily sent to a customer!

    dynamics 365 customer service insert knowledge email

    This update paired with the enhanced email experience create an efficient process for agents which can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

    Search for knowledge content in external sources

    Like the previous enhancement, this one is also an addition to knowledge articles and specifically related to Knowledge search in the D365 Customer Service Hub navigation. Previously, the knowledge search would look directly into D365 and search for knowledge articles. Now, there is the ability to configure external sources to be searched! This is incredibly valuable as many organizations store documents in a variety of locations.

    In the configuration, there are several location options but the one worth highlighting is SharePoint. It’s true that D365 can be configured to use SharePoint as a document library but this takes it one step further. With this new feature, agents can search D365 and SharePoint for relevant documentation! The setup is very simple. In the Customer Service Hub, at the bottom of the navigation, change the area to Service Management. Then select Search Providers and click + New.

    customer service search knowledge articles

    From there, all that’s needed is to provide a name, select SharePoint and the Search Type, and enter the root URL of your SharePoint site.

    Now, when agents search for a term, they can choose where they are searching. If something does not come up in the current org, they can switch to SharePoint.

    d365 customer service hub

    When a document is clicked on, it will open the document in SharePoint and the agent can print, download, or share the document. This is just another enhancement that leads to increased efficiency!

    Intuitive email file attachment experience for agents

    The last enhancement we’ll look at is changes to file attachments in emails. This is a particularly exciting change because it simplifies the attachment process. Multiple attachments can now be selected and added at once! By clicking control and selecting the files, you can add multiple attachments.

    dynamics 365 email file attachment

    You can also click on a file to preview it and download if necessary.

    dynamics 365 licensing guide

    You can even select multiple files at time to manage them.

    There are many other enhancements included in this release of Dynamics 365 Customer Service but these three really speak to how Microsoft is working to enrich the user experience. If you are interested in discovering more about these features or any other features of Dynamics 365, please click here to see how Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help your organization meet its goals.

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