Taming Traceability: One of the Biggest Challenges in Fresh Food

"Where did it come from” is undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns in fresh produce. Each and every product needs to be accounted for and trackable.

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    Whenever there is a large issue with an illness caused by fresh food, there is an equally large news outbreak. This is not the kind of publicity anyone wants. When the media is using the word traceability, “where did it come from” is undoubtedly one of the single biggest concerns in fresh produce.

    Shades of accountability

    Consumers need to be safeguarded, retailers have requirements, and recognized traceability requirements like GS1 can be tricky and time consuming to comply with. Each and every produce product needs to be accounted for and trackable which takes time, money and resources. If a company is audited, it is up to the fresh food supplier to demonstrate they are following a traceability protocol and have the correct processes in place.

    Technology can optimize the traceability process for fresh food suppliers

    Surviving a traceability audit or a product recall can be challenging, but it is crucial if your business is to provide safe, quality produce. Implementing traceability standards requires a focused effort and constant vigilance and upkeep. Produce suppliers can invest in technologies that help optimize this process, with real-time electronic data capture. This reduces errors, and ensures a robust, paperless, documentation system.

    Recognized standards

    GS1 traceability standards are recognized internationally and are designed to improve public safety and visibility in supply chains. The standards provide compliance with HACCP, BRC and IFS; and apply to any business shipping or selling fresh produce. Fresh produce suppliers should be adhering to these standards as a minimum.

    The standards facilitate ‘one step forward, one step back’ traceability, which is a compliance regulation for all food business operators.

    Traceability and consignment management

    Having issues tracking and tracing products back through the supply chain to manage the risk and cost of recalls? Having trouble tracking profit by lot, producer, customer or consignment?

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    • Reporting on profitability of any bought or sold lot, or any combination, using consignment accounting features
    • Reducing waste through better management of consignments, inventory and stock rotation
    • Developing a comprehensive real time traceability picture – delivering peace of mind, safety, compliance, and the ability to not only drive growth, but improve the bottom line
    • And more!

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