Top 3 Best Practices for Creating a CRM Content Library

As sales reps are starting to create and manage their own content, CRM can become a vital source for housing and organizing this content in one central location. One highly effective technique to using CRM, is develop a stockpile of content into a CRM library. Not only can all of your sales reps get to marketing content such as infographics, whitepapers, testimonials and more, but they can also access items like professional sales presentation templates, proposals, and contracts. According to Aberdeen Group, 55% of companies considered best-in-class have already stockpiled a strong content library integrated into their CRM system. This has helped them to minimize the time it takes their sales reps to search for these items so they can spend more time doing what matters – selling!

Aberdeen Group has figured out the top three best practices these best-in-class companies have adopted that have helped to create superior CRM content libraries.

  1. Centralized Repository for sales Proposals and Contracts – It has been found that sales reps from best-in-class companies spend about 20% of their time searching for information, and that number rises to 53% for underperforming companies. If there is a supply of ready to use proposals and contracts available in a centralized location, you can save a lot of valuable time for all of your employees.
  2. Queue Marketing Materials That Align with Specific Products and Sales Cycle Stages – Customers have the ability and desire to complete more than half of the sales cycle on their own before speaking to your sales team. This means that there is no more “one size fits all” sales pitch. Knowing what stage in the cycle the prospect is in, you can quickly access materials that will better influence their journey.
  3. Centralize all Marketing and Product Information – Cloud based repositories of ready to go, real-time materials are important for your sales team to have. Reduce search time at every step in your sales process.

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