SmartList Designer vs. SmartView for Dynamics GP

SmartList Designer & SmartView are both tools found within Dynamics GP but also feature a few key differences. Today we dive deep into them.

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    SmartList Designer and SmartView are both tools found within Dynamics GP. They are very similar, both being used for the compiling and sorting of data for use in generating reports. They offer many similarities, but also feature a few key differences.

    Their primary functionality and uses are not that different. Both are used mainly for organizing data and searching through the data, rather than generating reports itself. Both also offer the ability to export files, particularly to Excel. Both offer multiple options for sorting and organizing your data, and offer some drill-down ability. Both are considered moderately easy to use straight out of the box, though some of their features require a degree of tech savvy.

    There are, however, some key differences. SmartView offers the option of using “external” licenses, which do not require a concurrent GP user license, ideal for organizations concerned with user limits. This means it does not have to be launched from within Dynamics GP itself.

    SmartView also offers improvements in other key areas. It is faster, both in the loading of data and exporting of data, being able to return ten thousand records in 2.3 seconds. It also exports larger amounts of records to Excel or Word faster. SmartView also offers more customization options, such as the ability to hide the side panels, giving you more screen to work with, or resize those panels to your specifications. It also features more options for filtering your data, most notably the ability to add unlimited amounts of filters. SmartList only supports four filters at a time.

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    While both SmartList Designer and SmartView are easy to use tools for searching and organizing your data, SmartView offers several improvements that make it more powerful, and hard to overlook.

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