SmartList Builder vs. SmartList Designer for Dynamics GP

Smartlist is a tool within Microsoft Dynamics GP that features two functions, Smartlist Builder and Smartlist Designer. Both tools are used to sort and analyze data and to export them in to programs such as Word or Excel. However, they have some key differences, and in many (possibly even most) cases, Smartlist Builder will be the preferred tool.

Smartlist designer is considered the simpler tool, though not necessarily easier to use. Smartlist Builder simply offers more tools and options for creating, editing, and analyzing your lists. Builder offers the ability to draw from multiple sources (companies) in to one Smartlist, but Designer does not. Designer also fails to have an answer for building your own Excel Reports, Navigation Lists, or drill downs in to GP, all of which are accounted for in Builder. Builder also offers more security options than the Designer’s simple “total access or no access” approach.

Builder also offers more customization options in the lists themselves. Designer does not support GoTo’s, for drilling down in to GP directly from Smartlist, and also doesn’t support Extender Resources, both of which are supported by Builder. Builder also offers the ability to modify the default Smartlists, as well as the ability to combine work, open, and history tables. Builder also offers formatting options such as the ability to choose the number of decimals, display of currency symbols, and create masks for strings. Builder also offers the ability to create flexible Smartlists, with fields selectable both by default or by the user.

It should be noted that there are a couple of features in Designer that are not present in builder, including the ability to preview your Results, as well as the ability to create a new Smartlist based on the default Smartlists. However, with its superior amount of customization options, Smartlist Builder will usually be the tool you will turn to.

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