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Mekorma Changes for Dynamics GP Users

Mekorma Changes for Dynamics GP Users

With the March 2022 Mekorma build release, Checkbook and User security is moving to Task-Based security. When customers upgrade, apply this year’s year end update, or they want to update Mekorma, they will want to plan on switching to Task-Based security. Legacy security will still be functional, but Mekorma will no longer develop any new features or fix issues that may occur.

What is Task-Based security? This security follows Dynamics GP roles and tasks that are assigned to a user. Other designs features of Task-Based security include the following.

  • Threshold levels can be as high-level or more detailed as needed
  • Single or multiple approvers can be assigned to thresholds
  • Mobile devices can be used for approval when on the go when PowerApprovals are utilized
  • Approval delegation can be set when approver is unavailable
  • Security can be set on a system level so it can be applied across companies as needed

Reach out to your Velosio Account Manager or email for additional assistance with this changes.