Advantages of Online Benefits Enrollment Software

Online Benefits Enrollment Software provides allows employees to securely access benefit policies & pricing information online. The advantages are endless.

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    If you struggle to fight the increasing cost of health insurance and other employee benefits without burdening your HR department, it is time for you to take a look at Online Benefits Enrollment Software. This software provides a strategy that leverages advanced technology to allow your employees to securely access benefit policies and pricing information online. The step-by-step process of researching and selecting benefits they wish to partake in and filling out their own online enrollment forms eliminates the need for the usual rigorous, paper-intensive process of benefits enrollment.

    Let’s get into some of the specific advantages of implementing the Online Benefits Enrollment solution…

    • The information is immediately available for HR to review and approve
    • Your HRMS System id automatically updated as to remove duplicate data entry
    • Tracking and Reporting features are provided to monitor employee progress
    • You can set up Automatic Email Reminders to be sent to employees who have not completed their process
    • Unburden your HR Department from answering constant questions about details and policies because employees will have direct access to information during the enrollment process
    • Online Benefits Enrollment Software can streamline and shorten cycle times

    Your Sage Abra system has the option of including an integrated  Benefits Enrollment module that can bring your company these advantages and more. Save time and money with easy wizard guide administrators and year-round life events management that can be updates as life events occur.

    Read the whitepaper “Paperless Benefits Management Strategies: Containing Costs and Complexity on a Budget” for more details of Online Benefits Enrollment.

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