Save But Don’t Skimp On Cloud CRM Implementation Services

By leveraging packaged implementation services, you can be sure that you are setting up your cloud CRM deployment for success without breaking the bank.

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    52% of organizations that have implemented a cloud CRM solution are willing to switch to a new solution 6 months into their contract, according to Nucleus Research.

    Personally, I don’t think this has anything to do with the CRM system itself, but rather a lack of implementation support resulting in low user adoption and unfulfilled expectations.  You see, it’s very easy to get access to a cloud CRM system through a free trial, test it out for yourself, and decide it’s right for your solution.  But these free trials can lead to organizations trying to “go it alone” thinking that just because they’ve successfully tried out a solution, that they are ready to put it to use, import their data, and get to work using it.

    However, CRM solutions, even those deployed in the cloud, require some level of implementation and training to get the solution operating the way your organization needs it to and to get your people on-board using the system.

    These implementation services do add an up-front cost to what would otherwise be a purely monthly subscription based solution.  However, this additional cost does not negate the benefits of predictable pricing that cloud CRM offers.  Many partners offer implementation services packages so that you can pick the services that your unique organization needs and still know exactly what you are going to be paying for.

    For example, Socius Cloud Services offers three Rapid Implementation Offerings for our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution that allow you to select the services that your organization needs:

    • Quick Start is a package for companies that want to get up and running today with only online training and no additional changes. Straight out of the box and it’s FREE!!
    • Foundation is for companies who are looking to get Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online up and running with a little bit of one-on-one training and a few basic customizations to your environment to get the ball rolling. This package offers everything that the “Quick Start” package does with just a little bit more to help you get comfortable
    • Essentials offers everything that the “Foundation” does plus a little more! It provides more custom views and form modifications to fit your needs. Not to mention it gives you training on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook client! The package will not only get you up and running quickly but it will provide you some insight on how to get connected to CRM through your most frequently visited application – Outlook – so you do not have to open a separate window for the CRM application.

    Visit our Cloud Services site to learn more about these Rapid Implementation Packages and get pricing for your CRM Online implementation services.

    By leveraging packaged implementation services, you can be sure that you are setting up your cloud CRM deployment for success without breaking the bank on unexpected costs.