SalesForce vs. Dynamics CRM – What the Users Have to Say about Usability

See what users have to say about the user-friendliness of Dynamics CRM vs.

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    There are a lot of comparisons drawn between CRM industry powerhouses and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in terms of the functionality and their usability. While both systems have industry leading functionality, I believe that the more important aspect to compare and contrast them on is their usability. After all, a software solution is only powerful in managing business data and processes to the extent that it is used.

    Usability is where Dynamics CRM shines. In fact, Nucleus Research determined that Dynamics CRM was the most user-friendly CRM solution in the marketplace due to its:

    • Operating environment within Microsoft Outlook
    • Integration with other Microsoft Office products that people use every day
    • Easily personalized, role-based, Office-like user interface that streamlines data so that users see the information that is most relevant to them

    And that isn’t just a lot of marketing speak. One of our clients, a leading emergency medical products distributor, Sarnova, was completing their user training for their recently implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. One of their employees who had used at a previous company made the comment that he likes Dynamics CRM much more than SalesForce. The main reason he prefers Dynamics CRM is the heavy integration with Outlook and Microsoft Office. He said, “It basically holds your hand and helps you through all of the different CRM areas. The transparency is just awesome.”

    You can get a feel for the usability of Dynamics CRM for yourself with a 30-Day Free Trial.

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