Quick Tip: Track In-Transit Inventory Transfers in Dynamics GP

Tracking inventory transfers once the item is in-transit does not need to be the complex task it may seem to be, if you follow these steps:

Complete the In-Transit Transfer information.

Note that a “Via Site” can be tracked, as well as any Landed Costs associated with the transfer.GP-In-Transit-1

Generate a Pick List.



Generate a Packing List to accompany the transfer.


Click the Ship button to record the shipment.

Inventory is removed from the originating location and added to the “Via Site”.


Receive the Inventory using Receivings Transaction Entry window. Choose the “In-Transit Inventory” Type.GP-In-Transit-4


GP-In-Transit-5Inventory is removed from the Via Site …GP-In-Transit-6

… and added to the receiving site.GP-In-Transit-7

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