Time to Migrate from Data Export Service to Azure Synapse Link

Learn why Dynamics 365 & Power Platform should switch from Microsoft Data Export Service (DES) to Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse.

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    The clock is ticking for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform customers who rely on the Microsoft Data Export Service (DES) to move data into Azure. Microsoft deprecated DES last November. Although the service continues to work for existing customers, it’s no longer available to new customers, and it will no longer be supported when reaching end-of-life status this coming November.

    However, a replacement add-on service is available now —Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse. It provides new data exporting functionality, and we recommend making the transition now to avoid any last-minute snafus that might put your data exporting processes in jeopardy.

    What’s New with Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse?

    With Azure Synapse Link, look for a more intuitive user-interface that streamlines data pipeline enablement and makes it easier for everyone in your company to access Dataverse data. Common Data Model (CDM) metadata updates will also now be available across all Azure Synapse Link computes.

    A quick rundown of other key features…

    • Integrates with Power Apps maker portal
    • Accesses the Azure Synapse Analytics workspace with one click
    • Replicates standard and custom tables to Azure Synapse Analytics continuously
    • Comes ready to run Synapse Serverless SQL queries, Synapse Apache Spark, and Synapse Pipelines

    Power BI provides a seamless integration with Dynamics CE, allowing for the easy connection and integration of data from CRM systems.

    These capabilities along with built-in capabilities for data ingestion will accelerate how quickly you can generate insights. You can also create enterprise-scale Power BI reports based on Dataverse data. Another key attribute of Azure Synapse Link is that it is solution-aware. This facilitates application lifecycle management and streamlines moving workflows from testing to production.

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    Help for Making the Transition

    To help you with the transition from DES to Azure Synapse Link, Velosio offers two assessment services:

    DES Deprecation Assessment 1 ($1,500)

    • Meet with one of our data engineers to review your current use of DES
    • Receive a review of your DES dependencies and connected processes
    • Develop a path forward recommendation for using Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse

    Advanced DES Deprecation Assessment 2 ($5,000)

    • Includes everything from Assessment 1
    • Allocates additional time for a more detailed evaluation of DES use
    • Produces an advanced evaluation of DES dependencies and connected processes

    Azure Synapse Link is the fastest path for our customers who want to run artificial intelligence and machine learning, integrate with external datasets, and analyze large volumes of data. And planning your move using one of our assessment services is critical to maintaining your ability to collate, analyze, democratize, and connect with relevant data efficiently—we would be glad to help you continue to gain insights that drive your business decisions.


    For More Information

    Check out this playbook from Microsoft to learn more about the Data Export Service deprecation. And for assistance in using the playbook to plan for your migration to Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse, contact Velosio today.

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