Microsoft SharePoint Leads the Life Science IT Transformation

Over the past few years, the life science industry has shown a noticeable IT platform shift toward Microsoft SharePoint. According to surveys from “…more than 100 leading life sciences and pharmaceutical companies,” nearly 65 percent of these life science companies are planning (or already completed) the shift from legacy systems to SharePoint. Already, 37 percent of life science companies have reported scaling back or fully replacing their legacy systems.

The most common utilizations of SharePoint are for quality management (used by 42% of companies surveyed), managing clinical trial documents (32%) and managing documents for FDA submissions (32%). This technology platform shift, that tends to occur “once-in-a-generation” is being accelerated by the appeal of cloud computing. Over one quarter of life science companies are planning to deploy SharePoint in the cloud.

According to the survey, the benefits most life science companies need the most include “…document management functionality, simplicity and better collaboration, with total cost of ownership also being cited as a key factor.” The cloud platform provides excellent support to combat potential hurdles for implementation, including “…a lack of internal staff resources, concerns about validation, and internal opposition from users of other systems.” Microsoft SharePoint was designed to handle all of these needs, compared to legacy systems, and explains why cloud deployments have doubled over the past year.

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