Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service: FSA Software Enabling You to Deliver the Best to Your Customers (and Your Business)

Learn how this FSA software solution helps businesses optimize resources, maximize efficiency, and strengthen customer relationships.

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    A key part of your business is sending out staff to deliver goods or provide services. How do you profitably manage all the resources, deal with the unexpected, and delight your customers? There has never been a better time than now to explore Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

    Learn how this FSA software solution helps businesses optimize resources, maximize efficiency, and strengthen customer relationships.

    Optimize Your Resources

    Is your company finding it difficult to track and dispatch your growing list of field staff, equipment, supplies, and vehicles? With Dynamics 365 for Field Service, Microsoft gives you the power to automate and improve the ways your team dispatches drivers, service personnel, and technicians.

    The State of Field Service

    Get a strategic view of Field Service. We set out to shed some light on the near-term future by conducting a comprehensive survey of over two hundred leaders in field service operations around the U.S. to see whether there was consensus on how field service teams should position themselves for success in the years ahead. Read the results and an analysis by our field service experts.

    Dynamics 365 FSA Scheduling Assistant

    The scheduling assistant (which is already integrated in Field Service) allows you to filter resources based on the criteria of a work order, empowering your business to quickly select the best employee for the job.

    Resource Scheduling Optimization FSA Software Add-on

    The Resource Scheduling Optimization solution is an add-on capability that finds the most appropriate resources for your work orders and schedules them for you — optimizing for the shortest travel time, available hours, and other constraints you can set.

    Both FSA software features can be used to optimize your staff’s schedules, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. 

    Empower Your Field Personnel

    With Dynamics 365 for Field Service, your employees could have access to more information than ever before on their mobile tablets or smart phones. While online or offline, your staff will have the information they need to complete work orders successfully.

    The FSA software solution can provide turn-by-turn driving directions and work order details in real time. It can even send out push notifications notifying your employees of any specific changes to the work order. All of these features work together to seamlessly improve productivity and efficiency.

    Dynamics 365 Field Service Demo

    Experience a day in the life of a Field Service Tech with our Dynamics 365 Field Service Demo.

    Maximize efficiency with IoT

    It can be challenging to manage sold products at far-flung customer locations without knowing what is truly going on behind the scenes, prior to sending a technician their way. With Field Service, Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding to improve this. IoT allows your technicians to view the historical data of a device in order to identify and investigate under-performing equipment. Technicians will have the ability to detect and diagnose problems on the monitored equipment, sometimes even before a customer is aware of the issue. This significantly reduces down time.

    IoT also allows you to troubleshoot and possibly resolve issues remotely. Not only will customers be thrilled with your timely service, but your costs will be significantly reduced as the technicians will be able to provide service without traveling on-site.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Are you looking for even more ways to improve your customer relationships? Keep track of customer data within Dynamics 365 to ensure a customer-centric experience.

    Dynamics 365 for Field Service can be configured to keep customers apprised of upcoming service calls. Other apps can also be integrated to send information to your customers – for example, you can send your customer a technician’s current location while they are en route to your customer’s location or send your customers text updates of a current service call.

    Adapt the FSA Software to Your Company’s Needs

    With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, there are so many ways to integrate software to fit your field service and customer service needs. 

    Regardless of your business requirements, there is probably an add-on application out there to fill them.