Merging Duplicate Records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Duplicate records happen to the best of us, no matter how well-defined our data management procedures. And deleting those extra records could cause issues such as losing connections, data and links throughout your system.

Instead of deleting, consider merging your duplicates instead. This allows you to retain information from both of the records (including connections to other records) as well as maintaining the activity history for both records. When the merge is complete, one of the records will be deactivated, leaving you with just one record that contains all of the data.

  1. Select the duplicate records in the left-hand check-mark column.
  2. From the menu bar, select Merge

  3. Select the Master record. Click at the top on the radio button to show which record will be the Master record. This record will be kept active, and the other record will be deactivated at the end of this process.
  4. Select what info to use. When you select a Master record, all of the information fields in that column will be selected. If you want information from the subordinate record to be kept instead (such as Job Title in the example), then click the radio button next to that piece of information.
  5. Select OK.

  6. Completion Notice. When the merge is complete, you will see a notification letting you know that the subordinate record has been deactivated. Select OK to close this screen.


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