iMIS iSimpleCert: Simplify Your Certification Tracking

Does your organization manage an iMIS certification program? Enhance it with Velosio’s iSimpleCert solution: a simple, flexible tool.

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    Does your organization manage a certification program? Administering certifications, education, and credit hours can be a time-consuming and challenging process for your staff.
    Enhance your process with Velosio’s iSimpleCert solution. It is a simple, flexible certification tracking tool to enhance your iMIS RiSE system.

    The iSimpleCert iFit for iMIS RiSE is a highly organized and integrated tool for managing your organization’s certification programs. iSimpleCert assists your organization in assigning credits to members for activities or achievements defined by your organization. Providing a certification program keeps your members well-informed and coming back to your site to check on the status of their certification as they complete each program requirement.

    imis isimplecert

    Some of the benefits of iSimpleCert include:

    Reduced staff time

    The user-friendly interface allows your staff to configure a certification program quickly. Choose the activities required to complete a program and the program is ready to use!

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    Automatic enrollment into a certification maintenance period can also be enabled. As your members achieve certain activities, such as attending an educational session, these activities automatically mark requirements to the certification as complete, eventually earning them the sought credential.

    This automated module reduces staff involvement to simple monitoring so they can focus on what’s important – the success of their program!

    Program Flexibility

    Programs can be one-time certifications or maintenance certifications to be renewed on a regular schedule. Any activity can be included to satisfy program requirements, giving you endless flexibility in defining your program. Activities are a core area of iMIS and can be created manually, via import, or via integration to outside educational vendors.

    Member Engagement

    iSimpleCert offers your members an online tool to track their progress through the certification program. This keeps them coming back to your website and constantly engaged with your organization.

    iSimpleCert has also been built directly into iMIS, so you can take advantage of the iMIS IQA or Report Writer tools to create dashboards and reporting around your certification programs and completion. Use the iMIS marketing suite to alert members to upcoming deadlines, congratulate them on earning their credential, or keep your staff abreast of your members’ accomplishments.

    iMIS certification tracking features include:

    1. Certification and Recertification setup requirements
    2. Requirements for completion include CEUs’ and Exams with flexible adjustment of completion requirements
    3. All CEU’s and Exams tracked as activity records in iMIS
    4. Ability to import new certification records and ongoing CEU’s and Exam scores
    5. Built into current RiSE Staff site for easy access
    6. Simple to report from using IQA and standard iMIS reporting tools
    7. Ability to extend further based on the needs of your organization

    Velosio’s Microsoft Gold-certified team, combined with our iMIS experts, ensures we are the ONE PARTNER you need to modernize and optimize your business systems.


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