iMIS Membership Hub iFit for Microsoft Teams

Our iMIS Membership Hub iFit allows you to unlock the value of your iMIS data within Microsoft Teams with feature rich capabilities.

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    Many member-based organizations today are looking for new tools to help their employees be more productive and collaborative. As the workplace is becoming increasingly mobile and leaders are managing a growing number of remote teams, the need for efficiency and connectivity is greater than ever before.

    Microsoft Teams, as the hub for teamwork, is where people in your organization can actively connect and collaborate in real time to get things done. Teams organizes everything your staff and you need in one place for greater individual productivity, increased access to important constituent information to run your organization, and curated research and information on-demand. Our iMIS Membership Hub iFit allows you to unlock the value of your iMIS data and bring it front and center to your staff as they organize their daily professional life within Microsoft Teams.

    By combining iMIS with the rich capabilities available in Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Power Platform, the Membership Hub iFit enables you to:

    • Manage all your iMIS tasks together into your daily plan
    • View your comprehensive dashboards by combining your iMIS data with analytics from your other enterprise systems
    • Consume industry news
    • Monitor business alerts in one central hub to guide your day

    Visualizations of your enterprise data are enabled through Microsoft’s leading analytics application – PowerBI. PowerBI can be enabled both within Microsoft Teams and natively within the iMIS application. Leveraging the flexibility of business objects and IQA within iMIS allow you to the heart of your iMIS data. The connector will transform any IQA from iMIS to visualize it within PowerBI. When you combine your iMIS data with information from your accounting, learning management, or other system used in your organization, you enable powerful dashboards across your entire organization.

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    Additionally, the iMIS Membership Hub iFit allows you to create alerts for staff when business scenarios occur. These alerts allow you to create reminders for staff to follow up on new members or other events occurring within iMIS. You will be able to create flows that email, text or notify in Microsoft Teams or share to other software to help increase efficiency in your staff and provide better customer service.

    With our iMIS Membership Hub iFit, we bring together the strength of your iMIS system into your Microsoft Power Platform implementation to better visualize and use your iMIS data, to create staff alerts, to connect your disparate systems and to drive everyday decisions that will grow your organization.

    Seeing is believing:

    Screenshot #1: Integration of iMIS-driven alerts into a Planner board inside Microsoft Teams

    imis microsoft teams


    Screenshot #2: Teams card notification showing a donation was given in iMIS during as part of an event registration

    microsoft teams flow

    Screenshot #3: Integration of a PowerBI dashboard with iMIS Membership data into Microsoft Teams

    member management power bi

    Screenshot #4: Integration of a PowerBI dashboard with outside fundraising data displaying within iMIS

    imis dashboard

    Velosio’s Microsoft Gold-certified team, combined with our iMIS experts, ensures we are the ONE PARTNER you need to modernize and optimize your business systems. Connect with me and let’s chat about how we can help YOU!

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