How Outdated Material Handling Equipment Puts Your Business at Risk

Tracking metrics in your ERP system provides great details and warnings for when it’s time to plan and budget to replace Material Handling Equipment.

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    When you think back on the past holiday season, what stands out in your mind? The crisis situation which put a client order behind it’s required delivery date, or some type of personnel problems related to safety or injuries on the job? Either situation can jeopardize your distribution business productivity due to old and aging material handling equipment (MHE).

    Take a look at the data in your Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP).

    • Review your equipment maintenance costs for the last few years. Are they going steadily up?
    • What about downtime? How much time was your warehouse equipment down due to needing repairs or maintenance?

    Are these issues impacting your operational ability to perform at peak levels and grow to meet your customers expectations?

    Tracking these metrics in your ERP system provides great details and warnings for when it’s time to plan and budget to replace MHE. If you are only using financial measures to determine when to replace equipment you may be severely limiting your future capabilities, profitability and performance.

    When you do replace your warehouse equipment make certain to include the latest technology advances.

    The Internet of Things (IOT) is quickly appearing in warehousing systems and MHE with imbedded sensors. These sensors will streamline and automate your warehouse operations. They can also improve your maintenance, repair planning and reduce costs. The equipment itself will notify your systems or ERP when it has a problem and needs repair or maintenance. Or, when there is a safety issue that might cause injury.

    Voice technology, which works with your equipment and systems, is rapidly becoming a required functionality to stay competitive. This Modern Material Handling White Paper highlights the advantages of implementing voice technology especially to support your diverse work force. Voice technology also supports the shift to omnichannel fulfillment, and the picking of orders for the unit of issue ‘Each’.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to start the next seasonal rush with confidence your equipment will not let your staff and operations down? If you’d like to find out how to purchase and install new MHE which integrates with your ERP system and updates your operation contact Socius for a consultation – call 800.589.6614.