How Much Time Do You Spend Babysitting Your Documents?

Too many documents can prove a challenge for your staff to figure out. How do you get a hold of all the mess while staying productive?

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    12 Filing CabinetsThe more meaningful information that is provided to people, the more enabled they are to make good decisions, see how they contribute to the success or failure of their department and the organization, see how their actions affect other’s ability to contribute, and ultimately be responsible for their own behavior; but how can your employees act on this available information when they are busy spending time managing these documents?

    According to a study from the Environmental Paper Network, for every 12 filing cabinets in your organization, one additional employee is needed to organize, administer and manage those documents.

    In the best of all worlds, access, security and governance of the data and documents associated with your business should be easy to manage.

    With control over your documents, you can:

    • Provide visibility across business processes to get the full story before making a decision
    • Design workflows which tap into the knowledge contained in your documents
    • Ensure compliance and auditability without spending hours searching for the right document

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