Eliminate Fear from Your SharePoint Implementation

Eliminate fear from your Microsoft SharePoint implementation project by leveraging a fixed-fee Rapid Implementation Package from Socius.

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    Have you heard scary stories about SharePoint deployments gone awry?  Has the fear of a painful or costly implementation held you back from pursuing a SharePoint solution for your organization?

    When it comes to SharePoint, you really have nothing to fear but fear itself.  SharePoint deployments are not inherently unpleasant or expensive.

    Since the initial release of Microsoft SharePoint, Socius has been successfully and cost-effectively deploying SharePoint sites for our clients to help them connect and develop a corporate culture, manage documents and data, and surfacing business intelligence to people across organizations.  Through these, and many other experiences, we’ve developed proven implementation processes that we have streamlined to offer at a fixed rate.

    The Socius SharePoint Rapid Implementation offering enables you to get up and running quickly, while knowing exactly what to expect and how much it will cost you.  The package includes installation of SharePoint Foundation, the creation of one standard site, aligning the organizational brand standards to SharePoint’s theming engine, and your choice of up-to three sub-sites for $2500.

    Learn more about the SharePoint Rapid Implementation package and additional savings opportunities through Socius’ SharePoint services here.