Minimize Seasonal Resource Management Challenges with Cloud PSA

Vacations are fun for staff except the reduction of services during the seasons leaves your customers frustrated. How can you manage the seasonal swings?

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    Summertime equals family poolside vacations and fun for most, but summer vacations can represent instability in resource management for delivering customer projects. Employees are on vacation, and a decrease in available resources can be challenging.


    Progressus is next-generation PSA and ERP software, mobile-enabled and architected for the intelligent cloud. It adds advanced project accounting, project management and resource management to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Business Edition to provide the most advanced business management solution for small and mid-sized professional services and project-based businesses.

    What professional services businesses need during summer months is to maximize resources and streamline projects. With Progressus, you can:

    • Define resources and setup different skills to plan out the labor budget against a project
    • Setup individual forecasts on resources and measure their performance against the budget
    • Enter project resource budget in the Gantt tool to work with the resource allocations and submit changes to Progressus
    • Securely impersonate another user in order to report hours/expenses for other resources if they have jetted out to Tahiti again

    Common professional services scenarios illustrating benefits of a cloud-based PSA for a business owner:

    Responding to a Sudden Influx of Work

    When the summer lull is over, small and midsized businesses need to respond quickly when an opportunity presents itself such as onboarding a new client or tackling a new project. Cloud computing can meet these increasing demands in real-time without the burden of purchasing and deploying new software. In addition, it provides new levels of productivity to remote workers or contractors, allowing them to access the system from any location, at any time.

    Difficulty Managing Complex IT Demands

    Let’s face it, managing an IT infrastructure can be both complicated and time consuming, especially if it’s not your ‘day job.’ Cloud computing can liberate business owners by removing IT burdens such as upgrading software, addressing integration issues and optimizing performance of the network. It frees up more time to allow business professionals to focus on what they do best – servicing their clients – not managing IT.

    In professional services, the only thing constant is change; what happened in the previous quarter does not dictate the needs of the next one. This perpetual state of flux is the primary reason that so many small and midsized businesses are moving to cloud-based PSA systems.

    Learn more about Progressus cloud solutions here. Let me know if you have any questions.

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