Dynamics 365 for Operations Tips & Tricks: Production Readiness Workspaces

One of the new hallmark features of Dynamics 365 for Operations is the concept of Workspaces. Today we go over Production Ready Workspaces.

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    One of the new hallmark features of Dynamics 365 for Operations is the concept of Workspaces. These workspace pages provide overviews of a specific business process, rather than information that is particular to one module. These workspaces are incredibly customizable, with the ability to show tiles, visuals, KPI’s, and the ability to quick link to reports or other pages. They also show a wide range of data, giving users the ability to see analytical data in addition to transactional data.

    One of the Workspaces that we are most excited about is the Product Readiness Workspace.

    Production Readiness Workspace

    Production Readiness Workspace ConfiguratorThere are two distinct types of Product Readiness Workspaces:

    • Product Readiness for discrete manufacturing
      • Used primarily for Bill of Materials (BOM) Products used in production orders
    • Product Readiness for process manufacturing
      • Used primarily for formula based products used in batch orders


    These workspaces can be configured to show only products within a specific product set or hierarchy, or only show products released within a certain time window. The workspaces also display visual indicators if more information or setup is required, such as any missing BOM or formula versions, or missing active route versions. Users will also see cues for anything expiring during the lead time. Workspace also enables users to create a new version (BOM or Formula) as well as new cases.

    Production Readiness Workspace BOMWorkspaces also give users a one-stop shop for change requests. In addition to being able to check on outstanding change requests, Workspace also allows for easy approval and activation.

    Workspace is also designed to keep users from having to navigate back and forth between modules. Users can now perform all the following actions directly from Workspace:

    • Access the released products list page (where they can edit product details)
    • View and Change BOM/Formula items
    • View and Edit all route groups, routes, and operations
    • Maintain Resource Requirements
    • Set up and edit all Warehouse related functions
    • Full quality control functionality, including editing quality associations

    With Workspaces in Dynamics 365 for Operations users now have the ability to access more functions from one place, increasing efficiency and productivity.

    Production Readiness Workspace

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