Customizing ERP Software: Why and How Is It Done?

Adapt. Overcome. Improvise. Sometimes your ERP solution needs some fine tuning to work for your business. Today we go over customization features.

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    Wouldn’t it be perfect if the ERP system that you spent so much time and effort carefully selecting automatically fit every criterion on your checklist and naturally worked with each of your unique business processes?

    According to the 2015 ERP Report by independent consulting firm, Panorama Consulting, that is only a reality for the 5% of companies using custom developed ERP systems that are designed to fit the specific way they do business. For the other 95% of companies, you pick the solution that is the best possible fit and then you do one of two things:

    • Adapt your processes around the solution so that you can use it as-is (only 7% of ERP-using companies do this)
    • Customize the out-of-the-box system so that it suits your processes and delivers your critical data in the way it makes sense for your business

    If you fall into the first category, you can stop reading now.

    If not, however, you’ll have the benefit of having a system that optimizes your business processes, is accessible and intuitive to your people, and addresses every necessary aspect of your business, which makes the extra effort of actually customizing your solution worthwhile.

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    ERP customization does not need to be a painful process, especially if you take your customization needs into account during your software selection. By selecting an ERP software solution that is easily customizable, you can empower your internal IT resources and system administrators adapt the solution to fit your needs quickly and cost effectively. Look for ERP solutions that are adaptable using common programming platforms and those that include Web Services and developer tools to enable ties between existing systems and further in-house customization of the system.

    If your customization needs extend beyond your IT resources, there are software development companies that can do the work for you and train you on how to use the new functions within your system. You can save yourself several steps in this process by engaging an ERP partner that can do your custom development for you. A partner, like Socius, who goes through the software selection process with you, already knows your requirements, processes, needs and the intricacies of your ERP solution.  Therefore, they make an ideal choice for your ERP custom development needs. Plus, they are your one-stop for all aspects of your ERP solution for the duration of time you are using the software.

    Additionally, Socius has an in-house custom development team that can make those adjustments for you so that your internal IT resources can stay focused on their existing projects.

    To find out if a customized ERP solution is right for your business, begin your software selection process with a Business Process Review!


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