CRM ROI: Will You Get It, How Much and How Fast?

There are tools and resources available to help you anticipate the ROI you can gain from implementing Dynamics CRM. Calculate CRM ROI today!

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    Wouldn’t it be nice to know how quickly you’ll start seeing benefits from, make up the costs of, and how much of a return on investment you will get with anything you purchase before you buy it?

    With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can!

    Thanks to a few tools and resources, you can gain an understanding of the benefits that most companies receive from CRM solutions, what a typical ROI and pay-back period are for Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations, and calculate what kind of ROI you could experience from implementing Dynamics CRM.

    Will You Get ROI from CRM?

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    According to Nucleus Research, 70% of companies realize a positive ROI on their CRM deployments.  Additionally, of companies using CRM solutions:

    • 87% reported benefits from sales force automation
    • 95% benefited from marketing automation
    • 97% benefited from customer service automation

    Learn more in the 2013 CRM Benchmark Report

    What Is a Typical ROI and Pay-Back Period for Dynamics CRM ?

    Forrester Research studied companies that had implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM and they determined that Dynamics CRM can deliver an ROI of 243% in a payback period of only 4.1 months!

    Read the full report on “The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011”

    What Will My ROI Be If I Select Dynamics CRM?

    There is a quick and easy way to calculate your Microsoft Dynamics CRM ROI based on your sales, marketing, or customer service benefits including improved productivity, increased profits, reduced customer churn, and reduced administrative costs using this tool:

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM ROI Calculator

    One of the biggest factors in how quickly you can experience a ROI from your Dynamics CRM implementation is the length of time it takes you implement your solution.  To get up and running quick with Dynamics CRM Online or on-premises, select one of Socius’ Rapid Implementation Packages.

    Contact us to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation and ROI.

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