Introducing a Low-Risk, Fixed-Price AX to Dynamics 365 Upgrade

Velosio AX to Dynamics 365 Upgrade Reduces your Risk with a Fixed Price Migration and Six Months Free App Managed Services

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    It’s time to take the next step in your digital journey.

    Long-term support for Dynamics 2012 ends in 2021. Meanwhile, the added security, flexibility and performance of Dynamics 365 Finance has created a new standard in ERP.

    While most Dynamics AX clients have made the leap to cloud with Dynamics 365 Finance already, many have chosen to sit tight. The cloud isn’t yet an option for some companies due to regulatory requirements or other reasons to keep their current implementation intact and on-premises. But for most organizations, their hesitation is about avoiding the cost, time and headache of going through an upgrade that requires extensive data migration and the remodeling of current processes. Complex customizations, ties to third-party solutions, and integrations between systems all serve to exacerbate the challenge.

    So why upgrade at all?

    At some point, you must. Mainstream support for the latest version of Dynamics AX (2012 R3) will come to an end in October 2021. Options are available to extend support into 2023, but that will come with a cost – money perhaps better spent moving forward. Most importantly, extended support is minimal and only addresses security issues. New feature development is reserved for Dynamics 365.

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    AX to Dynamics 365 Finance Upgrade

    How can you reduce risk when upgrading?

    Upgrading from any enterprise ERP solution comes with inherent challenges and will always require careful planning and execution. A proven partner like Velosio with knowledge of Dynamics 365 and Azure cloud architecture will reduce your risk considerably. Velosio takes it a step further by taking on some of that risk for you by offering a fixed-price upgrade.

    A fixed-price upgrade is less susceptible to “scope creep”, where the ultimate project costs are dramatically higher than expected due to poor planning and discovery. This often occurs in the data migration phase of an upgrade when the partner underestimates the time and resources necessary to move historical AX data into the cloud.

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    As of July 1, 2021, Velosio is making a Fixed-Price Upgrade available to Dynamics AX customers in North America.  Most importantly, we’ve built readiness, implementation and support services into a single turnkey program to reduce risk and lower the cost of upgrading.

    The program includes:

    AX 2012 Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Assessment

    Dynamics Upgrade Analysis [FREE]

    Expert review and detailed reporting of your current Dynamics AX deployment, including any third-party solutions, in-house customizations, integrations, and required changes to current process and configurations.

    Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 Upgrade

    Cloud Readiness Assessment [FREE]

    Comprehensive review of your other applications, underlying platform, and overall organizational readiness to create a realistic roadmap for your digital transformation journey.

    Upgrade and Data Migration [FIXED PRICE]

    Velosio will create a detailed scope of work and perform the entire upgrade, user training, and first two updates from Microsoft. We take on the risk in this fixed-price engagement. Typical upgrade projects are completed in under four months.

    6-Months App Managed Services [FREE]

    Change – even the positive kind – comes with challenges. To ensure the best possible outcome, we’ll provide managed services for the first six months at no additional cost.

    By conducting a thorough analysis of your environment from ERP to organizational cloud readiness, we’re able to provide an accurate assessment of the effort necessary to perform your upgrade. The upgrade will be more “technical” in some cases.

    In other cases, where clients want more fundamental change, it can require a “reimplementation” to complete the upgrade. Our team is ready in any case to learn about your environment and provide a plan that fits your needs, timeline, and budget. Download PDF of Velosio’s Fixed-Price Upgrade Offer.

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    Find out more in this 12-minute video by James Thomas and Rob Urbanowicz, both 20+ year veterans in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem and experts in cloud migrations.

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    You can learn more about how the Digital Transformation process looks like here.

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