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As Microsoft Copilot features make their way through preview and into general release review a few of the AI features already in general release,

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    As Microsoft Copilot features make their way through preview and into general release, some of you might be getting antsy to get your hands on the latest AI features designed to help sellers to be more productive. You’re not alone. Release and stability will take a bit of time. While we wait, we thought that it might be useful to review a few of the AI features already in general release, most of them bundled with CE Sales Premium.

    Conversation Intelligence

    Your sellers can place a Teams call from CRM with just a click. The transcript for that call will be saved with the CRM contact, and sentiment readouts of the conversation are visually represented. Action items are surfaced and can be turned into follow-up activities such as a meeting or a task.

    Who Knows Whom

    When a seller is about to reach out to a customer contact, they can determine who in your organization has the best relationship with the contact based upon ratings generated by interaction data captured and tracked within your M365 tenant, making it easy to find the colleague that can provide a warm introduction.

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    Predictive Scoring

    Leveraging machine learning, with a few clicks you can ask CRM to train a model based upon the attributes of prior opportunities and the outcomes of those opportunities. CRM can then use that model to predict the likelihood that you’ll successful close your current opportunities and use that scoring to prepare a revenue forecast.

    Sales Accelerator

    Sellers are presented a list of sales actions based upon AI-driven analysis of leads and opportunities. Next best actions are suggested. Leads are scored by AI models, sellers are provided a 360 view of the customer and the contact, and the contact can be enrolled in custom action sequences.

    Relationship Insights

    Sellers now can easily identify the quality of their relationship with the client using insights generated for each sales deal they are working or for overall relationship with a client. Relationship insights using AI will track engagement between you and your customer based upon how quickly and often you respond to each other.

    Copilot promises so much more, but it’s important to remember that high-value AI features are ready to be deployed right now to make your sellers more efficient and effective. Most importantly, it will help them close more deals.

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