Microsoft Launches Commercial Generative AI Features – Let Velosio be Your Copilot

OpenAI's ChatGPT is an AI text generation app that's gained attention. Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI puts them ahead in using generative AI for business applications, including the recently launched Copilot in D365 and M365, which promises to boost productivity and skills.

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    It’s hard to name another product release garnering more attention than the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) natural language text generation application developed by OpenAI. Everyone, from students to newspaper reporters to major companies, has dabbled with it, making it something of an overnight sensation.

    You’re likely aware that Microsoft is a significant investor in OpenAI. That partnership places Microsoft ahead in the race to leverage Generative AI in business applications. For many of our customers, their core business systems are built by Microsoft. For most of our customers, their productivity applications are built by Microsoft.

    This will impact all of us.

    Things are moving fast. ChatGPT made a splash in November. Last week, Microsoft began to release Generative AI features into D365 and M365. There’s a lot already there, and there’s a lot more coming. They’ve branded it Copilot, and its arrival is set to unleash creativity, unlock productivity, and uplevel skills.

    We at Velosio know this transformation raises as many questions for you as answers. Which features are in preview? When will those features reach general availability? What are the use cases that matter most to my business? How much work will it take to configure this functionality? How do I avoid unintended consequences? How should I enable my users to get the most out of this transformation? Even ChapGPT doesn’t have the answers yet. (We checked).

    Since Copilot was announced, we at Velosio have been laser-focused on surfacing answers. We are actively working with the technology to understand its maturity and stability. We are leveraging our elite Microsoft status and deep relationships in Redmond to understand where all this is headed. We are identifying the use cases that will have the largest impact on our clients’ businesses. We are considering the enablement implications and strategies. We will be posting often in the coming days, weeks, and months—to share answers and our point of view as it evolves. We will be posting about opportunities to seize the advantages that this inflection point will offer. Velosio will be your copilot.

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