1,2,3…Microsoft Rakes in Awards at CRN’s Annual Report Card

Congratulations to Microsoft, Corporation for taking in 4 Top Awards for the CRN Annual Report Card at the XChange 2013 awards ceremony! This is the 28th year CRN polls solution providers reviewing strengths and weaknesses of the IT vendors they work with.

The Annual Report Card rates vendors within their product specialties in the following categories: product innovation, support and partnership.  Over 3,600 responses were ranked for 73 programs across 19 product categories.

Microsoft won this year in the Collaboration Software category. The collaboration space includes Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint and other collaboration solutions. The company far outscored the #2 company, IBM, in criteria including product marketability and ease of doing business.  It continued its rankings by receiving second place in the following two categories:

– Data Information & Management (SQL Server)
– Business Analytics (Office 2013, SharePoint, PowerPivot)

Although IBM took the #1 spot for Business Analytics, Microsoft ranked higher in ease of doing business and just missed the top spot for Data Information & Management by its competitor, Oracle.  In the desktop and server virtualization category, Microsoft ranked #3 to VMWare and Citrix, but challenges the competitors in the core virtualization business.

Find more information about CRN’s Annual Report Card by clicking here. If you are interested in Microsoft’s software solutions or other business management solutions, please contact SBS Group here.