A Business Leaders Guide to the New Digital Age

Gain an in-depth understanding of digital transformation and its benefits for driving growth, innovation, and success. This guide is a practical and actionable resource that helps business leaders navigate their digital transformation journey.

Are you caught in a profitability squeeze between your suppliers and customers?

Watch this ~50 minute webinar at your convenience. Easily zero in on topics that most interest you by clicking on the webinar chapters!

Easily access real-time actionable insight across your whole supply chain and widen your margin.

Leading wholesale distributors are turning to modern cloud ERP and technology to gain an edge in a competitive environment. They are implementing optimized processes that control costs and boost profits.

Join us on this presentation that highlights most of these capabilities:

Business Process Integration and Optimization

  • Integrate supply chain and financial management
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Track and manage outstanding invoices
  • Optimize and improve decision making

Inventory Management Optimization

  • More easily control your inventory and warehouses
  • Accurately forecast and manage inventory levels
  • Know what’s “out there” and how much you have of each
  • Improve decision making on inventory with a single version of truth

Supplier and Customer Service Improvements

  • Effectively quote time and cost to delivery
  • Improve supplier and customer service
  • Effectively share data and collaborate with suppliers and customers