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Convert Time into Money on Projects

Learn how Microsoft’s Cloud ERP with Advanced Project Accounting enables you to efficiently convert time into money for your project-based business.

Watch these ~35 minute webinars at your convenience.

What if you had a comprehensive, automated and fully integrated cloud solution that helped you sell more projects and minimized non-billable work?

For any project-based business, “Time” is THE precious commodity, as your profitability is dependent on its efficient use. Are you effective in your time management across your business?

When your financials integrate with your projects, it opens new ways to be efficient in project management and accounting. Think BIG! Projects could include events, conferences, or grants. Here’s the 4 webinars you can watch:

#1: Streamline Your Estimates-to-Projects Process

#2: Maximize Profitability with Project Budgeting and Resourcing

#3: Do Accurate Billing with Painless Time & Expense Tracking

#4: Manage Project Performance with Modern Analytics