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eBook: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Professional Services Firms

A New Way of Understanding What It Is⁠ – And What It Isn’t


This ebook is designed to help professional-services firms understand how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can surmount the numerous challenges they face, and the often astonishing benefits they can realize.

While Dynamics 365 is a robust ERP solution, this is not a technical ebook. We have purposely written it to be understandable—indeed, compelling—to business leaders who want to understand the edge Dynamics 365 can offer for their professional service firm in relatable detail. We will avoid techspeak, jargon and even the names of many individual Microsoft sub-products and features (which, we confess, can get confusing) whenever possible.

This book is based on real-world scenarios — use-cases from real-world professional services firms with whom we have worked and helped to achieve their goals. We hope you find it informative and eye-opening.