A Business Leaders Guide to the New Digital Age

Gain an in-depth understanding of digital transformation and its benefits for driving growth, innovation, and success. This guide is a practical and actionable resource that helps business leaders navigate their digital transformation journey.

Making Sound Decisions About the Cloud

Whitepaper: The What, Why and When of Cloud Computing for Business

Cloud computing software for business

Is a cloud strategy right for your business? If so, when? It likely depends on the state of your business and your IT environment. In this paper, we’ll explore the decision-process as it relates to cloud computing software and shed light on-premise vs. cloud solutions and moving to the cloud for those of you considering technology changes in the next one to two years.


The Business Value of a Single Platform

Technology decisions today are more than technology decisions.  Learn about the economics of migrating to the cloud.  Resource management, business agility, flexibility for growth, operational costs, financial accounting and company valuation are all considerations that will be explored.