Vehicle Maintenance Organization Supports Monumental Growth with Hosted Velosio Managed Care Solution

GP couldn’t handle the transactional volume, and it was taking more than an hour to post a check batch. Learn how Velosio helped.

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    Growth and Change

    When a vehicle maintenance, repair and tire replacement organization approached Velosio for help, they had experienced tremendous change. They were bought by an equity firm and many key individuals departed the company who were superusers on its Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP solution. Moreover, the organization was growing at a rapid rate—organically and via acquisition. Microsoft Dynamics GP was integrated with expense software Coupa for store purchases, but the team struggled with many manual processes. GP couldn’t handle the transactional volume, and it was taking more than an hour to post a check batch.

    Their servers were hosted by a company that lagged with connectivity issues, leaving the finance team distrustful of the system up time or the data in it. There was corrupted data, procedural issues, and challenges with one of their auxiliary ISV solutions which caused data to misfire.

    ERP Staff Augmentation and Azure

    The company asked Microsoft partner Velosio for help in augmenting their IT and ERP staff, converting the system over to Azure for stability, and contracted with Velosio Managed Services for support. Velosio started with data clean up, training new system users, new user set up, reporting, and day-to-day system maintenance. By filling the gaps in their ERP team, the organization was able to take their time rebuilding their IT and leadership teams. Velosio serves as the next line of defense for the internal help desk. For new store acquisitions, Velosio’s Managed Services team helps with email migrations and setting up new users. Managed Services helps the organization’s members to no longer feel buried, and they aren’t kicked out of the system. As the organization continues to grow, Velosio’s Managed Services team will help them be more successful.

    Data Integrity

    Velosio’s team now maintains data integrity for the company each week, bringing stability and peace of mind to the team. A new AP aging report, which can be consumed with Microsoft Excel, easily demonstrates outstanding payables each month.

    Velosio’s Managed Service team monitors, patches, and collaborates with the team, ensuring system stability and uptime. Velosio is helping the company right size their system as they add new members through acquisition. Velosio serves as a true partner to the organization – revisiting licensing structure as the company grows. In an advisory role, Velosio is involved in leadership meetings as they make decision about the system roadmap, security issues, and more. Next up, the company will upgrade their ERP system from Microsoft Dynamics GP, which has a limited shelf life for support.

    Partnership and System Benefits:

    • Trust system up time and data integrity
    • Rely on Velosio Managed Care for IT augmentation
    • Solved data corruption, procedural issues and system environment challenges
    • Streamlined new user set up to support acquisition and growth
    • Ensure system best practices
    • Backup for internal help desk