Streamlining and Cost Saving via Strategic Microsoft 365 Licensing

Learn how Velosio helped Bonnie Plants save cost and introduce license automation using Microsoft 365 Licensing.

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    Backgroundbonnie plants

    Bonnie Plants, a major player in the horticulture business, recognized a need for cost-saving in their existing Microsoft 365 licensing structure. The company had previously adopted a top-tier Microsoft 365 licensing without a strategic assessment of its actual requirements, leading to inadvertent overspending.

    Every employee in the organization was equipped with an E3 license for Microsoft 365, regardless of their actual needs or role. The client needed help to identify the most efficient licensing options suitable for each role in their organization. The goal was to ensure every employee had access to necessary Microsoft 365 services without overspending on unnecessary features.

    Right Sizing Licensing

    Velosio stepped in to help Bonnie Plants reassess their Microsoft 365 licensing needs. It was discovered that as an agricultural business, a majority of the staff didn’t require the comprehensive features of the E3 license. Instead, they could take advantage of a less expensive, often overlooked licensing option – the Frontline license.

    Through a review of employees’ actual usage of Microsoft 365 tools, it was revealed that key employees needed the E3 license for their comprehensive tasks, while seasonal workers merely required access to email, Teams, and SharePoint for their roles. They also needed editing capabilities in Office but didn’t require constant access, making the Frontline (F3) license a perfect fit.

    Velosio also introduced license automation, helping the client streamline license assignment based on defined roles in the organization. By changing descriptions in the active directory, the system could now automatically assign correct licenses to employees. This improvement saved substantial time for the client’s IT staff who had previously managed this process manually.

    Cost Savings

    The strategic reassessment and automation of Microsoft 365 licenses resulted in significant cost savings and improved efficiency.

    Moreover, by participating in Velosio’s client licensing rebate program, VOLI, they have the potential to receive over $30,000 in service rebates. This program, applicable to Velosio clients, further amplified the financial benefits of their new streamlined licensing strategy.

    By bringing the conversation about license optimization to the table, Velosio helped Bonnie Plants to make strategic decisions that yielded significant financial and operational benefits. By aligning tech investments with business needs, an organization has the potential for significant cost savings when licensing is right-sized.