SalesPad Desktop Inventory Management Solution

Cost Effective

Whether you’re a small business looking for a more affordable way to employ Microsoft Dynamics GP or your company is outgrowing the functionality of Dynamics GP and needs to expand its capabilities, SalesPad Desktop is elegantly designed to fit your needs.


A wide array of tools allows you to configure the software to fit your specific needs. Tailor specific modules to fit your current demands and gradually expand capacity as your business grows. Gain extensive mobile, warehouse, payment processing, and EDI functionality with our other add-on products.

Easy to Use

The multi-tab, single-screen view brings an intuitive interface to your Microsoft Dynamics GP data and makes that same data more easily accessible. Additionally, SalesPad has a very similar user interface to Dynamics GP, which results in less time training your employees and a smoother transition.


Utilize a more robust workflow, sales, purchasing, inventory, and CRM platform for Dynamics GP users.


Eliminate the need for multiple ISVs, download the complete feature sheet and determine is SalesPad Desktop is the right fit for your business.