Microsoft Dynamics GP running slower than normal? Check out these tips!

Operating system often include programming meant to expedite functions. Performing database maintenance can correct inconsistencies & improve efficiency.

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    Powerful software such as Microsoft Dynamics GP requires specific configurations to work at optimal efficiency. If you are implementing the software or experiencing performance issues, be sure to review Microsoft’s whitepaper “Optimizing and Maintaining Performance for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010″ to ensure your software is running properly.

    In addition to having the proper operating system and server configuration for Microsoft Dynamics GP, it’s important to keep up with the updates too. Operating system and software updates often include programming meant to expedite functions. Performing periodic database maintenance can also correct inconsistencies, which will also improve efficiency.

    Before troubleshooting or making changes to any aspect of your operating system, server, or software, always perform a backup of databases and evaluate the potential impact of any changes before implementing them. This whitepaper was based on standard configuration. If you have a custom configuration you may require assistance. If you need help fine tuning your system please contact us today.