Are You Letting Your Salespeople Sell?

Many businesses don't realize that they are getting in their own way. Get back to letting your salespeople sell.

Table of Content

    According to the ABCs of Sales in the Modern Era, even if a salesperson can close 100% of their deals, they can only spend up to 22% of their time actually selling. Many of the issue that cause this problem revolve around technology and tedious administrative tasks that suck up valuable time and hinder production. There are ways to change this cycle and implement systems that not only stop wasting precious time, but allow you and your sales team to better meet the changing demands of the market place.

    We will explore ways that you can empower your sales team to use their time more efficiently and focus on selling rather than administrative tasks. In order to understand how to do this, you need to focus on trends that are shaping the buying and selling processes:

    1. Buyer 2.0: The way people buy has changed
    2. How sales reps can transform from solution providers to trusted advisers
    3. The role of content and conversations in today’s buying and selling process
    4. Why and how sales reps need to tap into data for smarter selling
    5. The tools and technology that help sales reps get more done faster and better


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