How to Start a Distribution Revolution and Transform Your Business

Learn how distributors are using Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions in revolutionary ways to transform their businesses, stay competitive and improve profits.

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    The rapid advancement of technology and the growth of internet have shaken up the way that business works, especially in the distribution industry.  The best way to help your distribution organization adapt and stay profitable is to arm yourself with the leading technology tools that can help you make the most of your processes.

    Today I want to look at 12 distributors who have done just that – they’ve adopted Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions and are using them in revolutionary ways to transform their businesses, stay competitive and improve their profits.  Here are just some of the ways they’ve used Dynamics to make positive changes in their organizations:

    • Using “Master Order” capabilities to streamline the order entry process for large customers who want to take delivery of items at several locations while only placing a single order.
    • Implementing a mobile solution to connect the field techs to critical data so that parts could be ordered and invoices could be sent out quickly.
    • By becoming able to analyze purchase history to identify trends and complementary purchases allows an organization to build promotions that build sales while preserving profits and make profitable business decisions.
    • Leveraging an end-to-end solution that supports multiple companies with location specific business requirements, flexible and mobile customer service and order entry tools, integrated EDI, forecasting, and more.
    • Using Demand Management to pick up on declining trends, regenerate forecasts, lower safety stock levels and right size inventory.

    These are just a few examples pulled from the 12 true-life stories in the new white paper by the contributors or the Distribution Software Blog, “12 Revolutionary Ideas that Fuel Distributor Profits.”  To learn more about these revolutionary distribution solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP software, download the whitepaper here.