How Support Subscription Plans Ensure Enterprise Software Continues to Deliver Value for Your Business

Software support subscription plans play an essential role in tapping into the full capabilities of modern software. Learn more today!

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    You just invested in a Microsoft Dynamics solution. Perhaps the implementation is complete, your users are comfortable with the technology, and your business is already realizing key benefits—whether it’s generating new revenue streams, streamlining workflows, providing access to actionable intelligence, or a combination of all three.

    Now it’s time to ensure the solution continues to deliver on those benefits and scales its performance as your business grows. That’s where you can leverage a software support subscription plan.

    Ongoing Support and Maintenance Essential

    Software support subscription plans play an essential role in tapping into the full capabilities of modern software solutions like Dynamics. Businesses rely heavily on enterprise software to manage their operations—any degraded or under-utilized services will negatively impact providing products and services to customers.

    That makes it essential to have ongoing access to technical support and maintenance. Only then can the software continuously run smoothly and efficiently. Without adequate support, patches, and security updates, software can quickly become outdated or dysfunctional, which can result in costly downtime and lost productivity.

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    Proactive Approach Reduces Support Costs

    Ultimately, software support subscription plans give you a proactive method for keeping your software in order. To help you seize this opportunity, Velosio provides a range of software support subscription plans to sync with the level of support your business requires:

    • Annual Unlimited Plan provides Help Desk support when something goes wrong, troubleshooting a product issue, or when additional guidance is needed for using their Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Your staff can contact Velosio as many times as needed while not worrying about any limitations.
    • Subscription Services Plan is available as an add-on to the Annual Unlimited Plan or can be subscribed to separately. This plan extends the suite of services provided by Velosio by offering 10 or more hours per month that you can use for a range of services—Help Desk Support, software modifications, training, and strategic roadmap planning.
    • Concierge Plan is Velosio’s premier client success offering. This add-on option offers a dedicated client success professional as a single point of contact to assist in navigating Velosio services and bringing you to the right resource at the right time.
    • First-Year Success Plan is designed for but not limited to clients transitioning from their Microsoft Dynamics go-live phase to the Velosio Help Desk for everyday support services. This hybrid plan enables you to take advantage of our subscription services for six months while moving into the Annual Unlimited Support Plan for the following six months.

    With our help as your support partner, you can identify issues before they impact application performance. In the long run, you also save on costs since it’s always more expensive to mitigate software problems after they occur.

    Benefits for Your Entire Business

    Signing up for a software support subscription plan with Velosio provides benefits across your entire business. Your CFO will appreciate how they can more accurately forecast the monthly budget to allocate for technical support. Your IT team will have dedicated resources they can turn to for strategically planning how to leverage the software. And if they need help customizing or expanding software features, Velosio can help there too.

    The biggest winners could be your end-users. The subscription plan gives them access to immediate technical support from experts with deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies. That means faster times to resolution so your staff can get back to doing their jobs faster and help your company operate more efficiently.

    To learn more about the software support subscription plans Velosio offers and to determine which plan is best for your business, contact Velosio today.



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