Insurance Company Takes the ‘Express Route’ in Migrating to the Cloud

Velosio Express package includes data migration, user acceptance testing workshop, implementation, user training, & post go-live support.

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    Dynamics 365 Case Study: Home Abstract & Title Company

    Leveraging Technology

    In the introduction to their company on their website, Home Abstract & Title proudly announces they are, “A forward thinking company who utilizes technology to its fullest, we are bridging the gap between the real estate community and the consumer through technology. Through 24/7 transaction access via the Internet, we keep everyone in the transaction informed on every step of the closing process, guaranteeing satisfaction at every closing.”

    That said, it’s no surprise that David Busch, CEO/ President of Home Abstract & Title, started developing the technology foundations of his company almost 30 years ago. In fact, he points out, his relationship with Velosio actually goes that far back given that the team who deployed his first Solomon ERP system in 1994 was eventually acquired by Velosio even as Solomon was acquired by Microsoft and became Dynamics SL, one of their on-premises ERP products. He explains, “I don’t know when you could say was day one. But Velosio has been around with us quite a while.”

    Client Overview: Home Abstract & Title Company

    D365 BC Case StudyHome Abstract & Title Company has been providing title insurance for Central Texans since 1867, offering the entire spectrum of real estate title services from the basic title letter to a fully insured closing. An independent agent of four of the strongest title insurers, Stewart Title Guaranty Company, Chicago Title, and Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, Home Abstract & Title has the expertise and ability to provide the most comprehensive title insurance coverage available in the industry.

    It was at Velosio’s annual Aspire event that David was first introduced to Dynamics Business Central (BC), one of the cloud-based successors to his on-premises platform.

    Busch explains, “I made the decision the year prior to move off of on-premises servers to a hosted environment for my whole company. That made a little bit easier to make the decision to go to the cloud for my general accounting software as well.” Busch knew the version of Dynamics SL he was running was already a few years old, starting to bog down, and it was time to upgrade it.

    His choice was to upgrade to the newest version on-premises, or “make the leap” to Dynamics BC in the cloud. Despite his concern that the new cloud platform might require a significant learning curve, he weighed that against the repetition of the cost of upgrading periodically. Despite some increase to his monthly costs, he would never have to consider the larger cost again and would always have the latest version of software running his business. That calculation made sense.

    David Busch says the decision became final when he saw even more savings by taking advantage of the Velosio Express deployment program.

    Velosio Express for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

    For organizations with more complex needs, Velosio Express gets their new system live in as few as 90 days. This service package includes data migration, user acceptance testing workshop, implementation, user training, and post go-live support.

    “I can’t say enough good things about the Velosio team,” remarks David Busch. “The deployment was pretty quick and efficient. The Dynamics BC part of it went very smoothly and everybody I’ve worked with has been great. The payroll part was a little bumpier, but there’s a little bit more moving parts in that and

    I used KwikTag, a third party product. But the people I’ve worked with there have been great. The entire process was about as smooth as you can expect to go.”

    The People Part of the Equation

    When asked to evaluate his new Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP system, David Busch responds, “It is definitely more productive and easier to use. It’s more modern than the version I was working on. And it’s more efficient and more user friendly and intuitive.”

    He then rushes to credit the training and support he received from the people at Velosio. “The support I had on BC was really great. Maria was my point contact for teaching me what I needed to know, and what my assistant needed to know and answering all the questions. And she was great. By the time we got to the point where we went live, we felt really good about it.”

    He continues, remarking that, “Velosio was a great company to work with. I’ve yet to come across a problem that they haven’t resolved for me. And they’re easy to work with, and everybody’s very friendly.”

    For David Busch, the people part of the equation was most important to achieving his goals.