Dynamics GP, SL, 365: It’s All About What’s Best for Your Business

There is no shortage of reasons to upgrade on-premise Dynamics GP or SL to Dynamics 365 in the cloud, but for some the time may not be right.

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    Some companies using Microsoft Dynamics ERP products like GP or SL are feeling some pressure these days. If you’re reading this, it’s altogether possible you’re one of them. That’s because you’re probably looking for a way to take the heat off.

    Maybe You LIKE Where You Are

    That heat may be coming from the Microsoft Partner who is currently providing you with support. They may be telling you that you really need to start planning to move off your current Dynamics platform onto Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and take full advantage of all the benefits of being in the cloud. The fact is that we recommend switching for many of our own clients. But we do recognize that some companies are not yet ready to move while others simply aren’t able to at this time for a variety of very good reasons. Others are simply unwilling to fix anything they don’t see as broken, which is their right.

    The veiled threat from some partners is that support for your GP or SL may soon be withdrawn and become unavailable. You’ve been warned about how disruptive that may be to your business if you’re not already safely out of there and working in the cloud. That’s not entirely true.

    According to Microsoft official and widely published policy basic support must be continued for five years after any of their products are discontinued, and extended support must continue even longer. You’ll have plenty of notice when and if your much-needed technical support is ever going away. So you can stop worrying about that.

    What your current partner may be trying to avoid saying is that they themselves don’t want to be continuing to support on-premises versions of the Dynamics suite anymore. That’s not uncommon and it’s not altogether their fault. It’s well-known that Microsoft has been driving the market, its partners and its customers to the cloud for many years now.  Many partners getting a little carried away with their messaging and overstate the need to move. While we are huge proponents of clients taking advantage Dynamics 365 in the cloud, we are in no way abandoning our clients who have chose to keep their solutions on premises.  In fact, we support well over a thousand companies today that do just that.

    Velosio is Here to Stay as Long as You Need

    Velosio, the #1 Microsoft Partner for Advanced Projects for Business Central and recipient of the Microsoft Business Applications 2021/2022 Inner Circle Award plans to continue supporting all Microsoft Dynamics platforms as long as you need. On-premises or in the cloud you can depend upon continued, uninterrupted support from our industry-leading Dynamics team.

    If Microsoft Dynamics GP or SL is serving your business well and you wish to continue enjoying that service, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Stay as long as it makes sense for your business.

    Wondering What’s Best for Your Business?

    All this pressure from your partner may have you wondering if there’s any good reason to move off something that is working so well. It is absolutely possible that Dynamics 365 Business Central may offer some great new value you’re not aware of. There’s every reason to think it may! In fact, we often find it does!

    So, here’s an offer you should take us up on right now!

    Let Us Perform a Preliminary PathForward Assessment for You

    With no cost and no obligations on your part Velosio will perform our Preliminary PathForward analysis for your business. With a brief investment of your time and access to some information we examine your business operations to determine which path forward is best for your business, your current Dynamics on-premises solution or Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud.

    Since we sell and support both, this is an honest, unbiased assessment of which will provide more value for you and why. Just what you want to know if the pressure from your current provider has you questioning.

    Of course, if you want us to make any changes for you or be prepared to assume support should your current provider discontinue theirs we’d welcome the opportunity.

    No risk and no cost to you. Peace of mind that you have an available path forward no matter what. How could you ask for more?

    You don’t have to do this alone. Learn how Velosio can help you achieve your organizations goals as an ISV Partner.