How Dynamics 365 for Sales Enables Smarter Selling

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and prebuilt, embedded insights that are quick to deploy and easy to act upon.

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    CRM systems have been around for a long time now, with early entrants into the market dating as far back as 1993! We’ve become so accustomed to the acronym that we seldom stop to think about its real meaning. When you implement a CRM system at your company, the “C” becomes your customers. The “R” becomes your relationships with your customers. And the “M” becomes how you manage your relationships with your customers.

    Microsoft Dynamics for Sales helps unify your process. Properly managed, you’ll see relationship selling thrive with authentic and personalized content — and you’ll engender customer engagement during every phase of the CRM sales journey.

    Embedded Insights

    Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales includes embedded insights that provide optimal next steps for personalized email engagement. These embedded insights also serve to monitor social trends that keep you abreast of the important conversations that your customers are conducting on their social media platforms.

    AI for CRM

    Make no mistake about it, AI is no longer a mere futuristic concept. AI is a resource that you can deploy today for tangible results.

    AI and CRM delivers prebuilt insights that are quick to deploy and easy to act upon. Dynamics 365 for Sales with artificial intelligence reveals the best prospects and customers for your sales team to focus on, as well as the most relevant and impactful actions to move relationships forward. With these actionable insights, managers can provide proactive coaching and ultimately, improve sales performance.

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