Discounts for On-Premises Dynamics Customers Transitioning to the Cloud

On-premises Dynamics customers looking transitioning to the Cloud, Microsoft has launched the "Bridge to the Cloud 2" NCE promotion.

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    Microsoft’s Bridge to the Cloud 2 Program

    For on-premises Dynamics customers looking to move to the cloud, Microsoft has launched the “Bridge to the Cloud 2” promotion. This program offers a 40% discount for a 3-year term when migrating to most Dynamics 365 online products. This promotion is aimed at helping businesses transition to the cloud seamlessly and cost-effectively.

    Key Features of the Bridge to the Cloud 2 NCE Promotion

    • Eligible Products: This promotion applies to most Dynamics on-premises perpetual products, allowing customers to migrate to functionally similar Dynamics 365 online per-user offers. The promotion is available for commercial customers with a 3-year term on NCE (New Commerce Experience).
    • Signup Period: The program runs from February 1, 2023, to December 31, 2024. To sign up, partners must enroll in an applicable CSP NCE subscription and follow the specified process.
    • Promotion Duration: The promotion offers a fixed 3-year term, after which normal pricing will apply.
    • Pricing: Customers can avail a 40% discount on the standard commercial list price during the promotional period.
    • Licensing Program: The promotion is applicable to the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licensing program (NCE partner-led only).
    • Licensing Requirements: Customers must meet specific requirements, such as maintaining the minimum CSP license value, having an active Enhancement Plan (EP) for their on-premises system, and migrating to a functionally similar product.
    • Additional Benefits: Customers can enjoy benefits such as monthly billing, dual access rights, dual use rights (DUR), and $0 users (for customers migrating to Business Central).

    The Bridge to the Cloud 2 promotion is designed for customers who are committed to migrating to the cloud. Those who return to or remain on on-premises licenses after the promotional period and want EP benefits are subject to standard backpay and penalty policies.


    Microsoft’s Bridge to the Cloud 2 program provides a fantastic opportunity for on-premises Dynamics customers to transition to the cloud. By offering significant discounts and additional benefits, Microsoft aims to ease the migration process for businesses and help them leverage the power of the cloud. Reach out to your account manager for more information or contact us today.

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