Digital Transformation: A Retrospective With Global Strategy Group

During this webinar, Andrew Ho of Global Strategy Group and Carolyn Norton as they discuss GSG’s transformation of their business systems.

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    What's in the webinar:

    In this webinar, we explore Global Strategy Groups digital transformation initiative from multiple perspectives. Over one action packed hour, you will hear pragmatic insights from clients, consultants and practitioners as they re-live GSG’s journey from start to finish.

    By watching, you will gain an understanding of:

    • What digital transformation looks like in practice.
    • The business value of digital transformation.
    • How digital transformation can set up an organization for future success.
    • Lessons learned through one client’s journey.

    At the heart of a company’s digital transformation are the people who are impacted – from those who are the helm of making decisions and driving strategy to those who use the systems daily, every person at an organization is impacted by technology changes.

    Andrew Ho, Head of IT at Global Strategy Group, sits down with our host, Carolyn Norton, and a cohort of technology experts Ryhaan Gill, Lorna Link, Erica Ellis, and Keith Goedde as they discuss GSG’s transformation of their business systems. They’ll dive into what digital transformation meant to the business and get real about the highs and lows of change.

    Carolyn Norton

    Director of Cloud

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    Andrew Ho

    SVP, Head of Technology

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    Erica Ellis

    Principal Consultant, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

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    Lorna Link

    Practice Director, BC Express

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    Ryhaan Gill

    Director, Digital Transformation

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