Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Upgrade Assurance

Customizations to your ERP can be tricky. Velosio makes it easy with an upgrade guarantee. Take the worry out of risky development.

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    Customizing your ERP has long been associated with risk, but with the right partner, it doesn’t have to be.

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    Enterprise Resource Planning systems are designed to help organizations manage their business processes, and for many companies, this system is the linchpin that keeps the entire business running—the engine that drives the car. Maintaining it is of utmost importance and when upgrades come around companies need more assurance that their custom development, the gears that keep your company running smoothly, don’t break.

    Microsoft is regularly making modifications to Dynamics 365 Business Central. These changes are necessary to help the product continue to evolve and meet the needs of customers. In the process of doing so they may make changes that cause your business-critical customizations to no longer function requiring them to be removed or updated to enable you to move to the latest version of Business Central.

    Failing to address these issues can cause serious problems for your business operations making it necessary for you to either continue running on a previous version or take some time away from your daily tasks to commit resources toward bringing those customizations back online under the new version of Business Central.

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    Introducing The Velosio Dynamics BC Upgrade Assurance Program

    At Velosio, we believe an issue like this should never happen, which is why we are introducing the Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade Assurance Program. We want to take the worry away from customizations in Business Central without you incurring any additional cost when you purchase our Upgrade Assurance offering for development that Velosio completes. Velosio will update your apps to work with the latest version of Business Central all the time, every time. The offering covers development work that was completed by Velosio and does not include development work completed by your staff or other partners. At times Velosio may also create development on top of a third party Independent Software Vendor (ISV) product; if there are changes to this ISV product that breaks the customizations Velosio built, it would not be covered in this offer.

    In the event that Microsoft makes a change to their application that causes customizations made by Velosio to become incompatible, Velosio will take action to correct such customizations upon notification of the issue. This does, however, require that Velosio be setup for notifications. If Velosio is not setup for notifications, then the customer will need to notify Velosio of the issue via email. This agreement only covers changes that Microsoft makes to the base Business Central application.

    If you want to learn about all the great features of Business Central, you can do so here.

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