Are You a Modern Distributor?

Today, most companies buy from online resources or directly from manufacturers, so distributors have to provide more value-added services to attract customers. Learn how you can better leverage technology to overcome supply chain management challenges and maximize the benefits of a distribution management solution.

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    The distribution industry has changed a great deal over the past several years as more companies use the internet to gather information about products or to buy from online resources or directly from manufacturers. As a result, distributors have had to provide short lead times and more value-added services to attract and retain customers than ever before. This change has given rise to a new class of modern distributors that strive to manage supply and to shape demand for the optimum balance to maximize profit margins and minimize their operational costs. However, the supply chains in which distributors operate are not linear chains – they’re more like networks connecting a complex web of suppliers and customers. Supply networks are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain, and the complex webs present communication and visibility challenges that must be addressed to ensure long term viability and success. Distributors that successfully orchestrate a complex supply network to satisfy their customers and optimize their profits are known as modern distributors.

    Does Your Distribution Management Solution Enable You to Thrive as a Modern Distributor?

    Download the whitepaper to learn what to look for in your next distribution management solution and how to better leverage technology to overcome common challenges faced distributors face with supply chain management.