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How to Keep Your Business Growing without Bogging Down IT: Cloud ERP Solutions

In today’s digitally connected environment, business is conducted at whirlwind speeds. If companies want to continue to expand and innovate, then they need to select technology solutions that can positively impact growth and efficiency. With NetSuite, a unified IT environment is created to effectively streamline distribution and account management, e-commerce efforts, and the CRM into one cloud platform…

SBS Group and Socius to form Velosio

Leading Microsoft partners combine to create a business platform that unites world class people, products and companies to deliver solutions in the cloud. EDISON, N.J. (PRWEB) DECEMBER 15, 2017 Representatives from SBS Group and Socius announced this week that the two companies will form a new entity—Velosio. Velosio will be among the largest privately-owned Microsoft partners…

Better Forecast Sales Trends, Leads and Budget with Analytics Solutions

What factors do you use to decide on your business strategy? Is it market outlook, previous sales trends, order history or present operations? How do you determine what your future profits goals will be? Most companies rely on certain business metrics to create forecasts regarding a range of factors including customer demand, operational growth, and…

The Truth Behind Sales Tax Audits

Repost from Avalara With the myriad responsibilities involved in running a successful business, it should come as no surprise that preparing for a sales and use tax audit is not exactly a high priority or favorite topic of conversation among business owners. There are only so many hours in a day, and many companies choose…
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2017 Mid-Year Sales Tax Changes

Repost from Avalara Dealing with change is standard operating procedure for many companies: employees leave and are hired; new products are introduced and old ones phased out; there are booms, and there are busts. On top of all that, companies need to account for sales and use tax changes. Significant changes in rates, regulations, and…

Enhance Your Operations and Save Time with RFID Technology

What is RFID and How Does It Work? RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a data collection method that uses a reader to locate and track special tags or labels attached to an item, similar to a bar code system. Instead of collecting laser light reflections off printed bar code labels, RFID uses low wattage…

Improve Your Payments Options Using Solupay with NetSuite

Solupay for NetSuite SuitePayments, a Built for NetSuite solution, improves the payment processing experience in NetSuite for clients. Solupay strives to deliver a simple and protected payment solution that allows clients to be more efficient and secure. Direct integration with NetSuite provides our clients with a simple and secure way to accept credit and debit…

Socius Named NetSuite VAR of the Month for February

Dublin, Ohio, February 16, 2017 — Socius, an award-winning business technology and consulting company, has been recognized as NetSuite Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of the Month for February, 2017 by Accounting Today. As the largest NetSuite Partner in Ohio, Socius leverages over 30 years of experience and a passion for partnership to deliver next-generation financial management…

Marketing Agencies Shorten the Pitch-to-Cash Cycle

In any industry the ability to go from beginning a project to completing (and monetizing) the project quickly is vital. For marketing, in particular, limiting the time between pitch and cash can give your organization the edge over its competitors. NetSuite has the tools needed to get you from pitch to cash quicker. The two…