Burkett – Restaurant Equipment Supplier Connects Business with NetSuite and AutoQuotes

Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies needed to integrate applications and gain access to real time reporting. Learn how Velosio helped.

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    Velosio Case Study: Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

    Listen to Jameel Burkett share how working with Velosio improved operations.

    About the Company

    Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies distributes new and used supplies for restaurants for nearly 40 years.

    It started as a small local shop in Toledo, Ohio by a father-son team in 1977. Passed on to the next generation, the Burkett family name and family values remain but the business has evolved into a company headquartered in a 95,000-squarefoot facility with more than 50 employees and thousands of products in stock.

    What put Burkett on the map is a one-of-a-kind reconditioning process for used restaurant equipment. Burkett has refined that process since it started selling used restaurant equipment.

    The Challenge

    In the past, Burkett’s systems were not integrating with the company’s growth as different applications were being introduced and utilized. The previous technology was limited in its ability to integrate with the new applications. Burkett’s systems lacked real-time reporting and analytics, therefore management could not make the most optimal decisions.

    The Solution

    Velosio helped Burkett implement NetSuite, a solution that the company felt gave them efficiency and effectiveness as a whole. NetSuite enhanced Burkett’s real-time reporting – they can now create the best practices and easier integration for their business. Burkett eliminated inefficiencies, and is now able to repurpose their work at a much faster rate.


    Velosio’s technology and business expertise enabled exceptional success in implementing NetSuite for Burkett restaurant equipment supplier.

    “The partnership with Velosio, having the business experience as well, has allowed us to connect technology and business together to build this solution to be the optimal restaurant equipment supply solution.”

    Jameel Burkett, Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies