Enhance Your Operations and Save Time with RFID Technology

Enhance your operations and save time with NetSuite RFID Technology. Learn what it is, & best practices to make the most of it.

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    What is RFID and How Does It Work?

    RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a data collection method that uses a reader to locate and track special tags or labels attached to an item, similar to a bar code system. Instead of collecting laser light reflections off printed bar code labels, RFID uses low wattage power radio frequencies to read from and write to the tags. By using radio signals, RFID eliminates the need for human intervention and a direct line of sight to the tag in order to read it. RFID readers can simultaneously read and write to hundreds of tags within their read field.

    Advantages of Using RFID Technology Instead of Traditional Barcodes:

    • Eliminates Line of Sight
      • RFID eliminates the need to position the laser of a scanner across the entire barcode, allowing it to be used when the tag is not in direct view of the scanner.
    • User Intervention
      • RFID readers can be installed to read all the time. Whether they’re installed by doorways, garage entrances or in open areas on manufacturing floors, assets can be read as they are moved.
    • Speed
      • One RFID handheld can count hundreds of assets in the same time it takes for a single barcode scan.
    • Authenticity/Anti-counterfeit Technology
      • RFID tags have a chip-specific ID value, which eliminates the possibility of improperly duplicated tags or copied ID values.
    • Writeable Tags
      • RFID values can be written and changed in RFID tags without having to replace the tags or remove them from the asset or product.

    Integration with NetSuite

    Enabling the Modern Worker with the Microsoft PlatformEnabling the Modern Worker with the Microsoft Platform

    SuiteApp.com offers apps that extend the power of NetSuite by enabling users to integrate data from barcode and RFID scanning into their NetSuite platform.

    RF-Smart and Barcoding Data Capture Services are two SuiteApps that aid with this integration by automating business processes and leveraging data collection.

    For a full list of SuiteApps that integrate your barcode scanning data with NetSuite, visit here.

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