MD Complete – Skincare Company Streamlines Order Process with NetSuite

MD Complete needed to better facilitate orders and improve financial data such as COGS and inventory costs Read more about their results.

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    Velosio Case Study: MD Complete Skincare

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    About the Company

    MD Complete Skincare was created to provide access to dermatologist-level results without a prescription. MD Complete transforms gold standard dermatologist prescribed skincare protocols into simple, effective and complete regimens at a fraction of the cost of prescription regimen counterparts.

    The Challenge

    MD Complete lacked a streamlined process for facilitating orders and creating financial data from its consumer website. The company did not have an efficient system of processing parcel shipments. Additionally, the finance team was unable to extract meaningful financial information such as COGS and inventory costs.

    The Solution

    MD Complete selected NetSuite, which Velosio implemented in one month, along with a third-party EDI integration, and integration with another ERP system for a separate part of their business. MD Complete is leveraging the NetSuite Sandbox feature to better learn how its internal processes work.

    Why Velosio?

    MD Complete was very satisfied with Velosio’s services, as CTO Chris explained, “They have a recap meeting to make sure that they are meeting your needs. If there are outages, they quickly attack them to make sure you’re satisfied”.

    Whenever an issue comes to light, Chris says that Velosio is on top of it. “They help us with glitches and issues here and there. Sometimes it’s actually issues with the software that we don’t have the technical expertise nor the knowledge base to resolve on our own. Velosio is priceless in this regard…It just works, don’t know how… don’t care, it just works.” When asked about using Velosio and NetSuite again, MD Complete was quick to answer “Yes!”


    • Met an aggressive implementation timeline without missing a shipping day on an order
    • The customer order process has been streamlined
    • Now able to identify wrongly priced items on sales orders, process the credit, then apply it to pending invoices in a way that made sense to Accounts Payable
    • Improved history and inventory processing

    Implementation Advice from MD Complete

    Keep Build Simple

    Don’t get too complicated with assembly builds. This will bog down whomever does purchasing/ inventory.

    Before & After Inventory

    When implementing, get a physical count of your inventory and then count that as the After NetSuite time period in your company’s history. Just have it reflect reality from the start and stay on it. NetSuite is only as good as the data you put in it.

    Train Selectively

    Don’t train everybody on it. The system is intuitive to some, but not all. If you have too many cooks in this kitchen, nothing will be edible. Utilize manual systems were appropriate and then aggregate monthly or on whatever time period makes sense.