Don’t get caught: the threat of cyberattacks is real and everywhere

Earlier this month, the White House penned an open letter to all US companies, asking them to take urgent action against the growing threat of ransomware attacks. The letter follows attacks on the Colonial Pipeline and on one of the country’s largest meat supplies, JBS. In these types of takeover attacks, cyber criminals demand payment…
Video Blog on Transitioning for Remote Workers

The Microsoft Technology Behind Maintaining a Positive Corporate Culture with a Remote Workforce

In this 15-minute video blog post, Velosio’s Chief Human Resources Officer shares her perspective on enabling, supporting and motivating the remote worker.  She discusses the importance of communication, accountability, training and maintaining personal and professional connections with employees who seldom, if ever, come into an office. “We have always had remote workers, but like most…

Important: Steps to Remediate On-Premises Microsoft Exchange Servers Affected by Recent Hack

Microsoft 365 Version of Exchange Not Impacted. Microsoft announced this week that hackers exploited a bug in their email server software to target U.S. organizations. The vulnerabilities exist in on-premises Exchange Servers 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. Exchange Online is not affected. To minimize or avoid the impact, we recommend that you take immediate action to…
cyber security risk assessment

Getting to the Cloud Can Reduce Cyber Security Risks for Professional Services Firms

Business and professional services are the top industries targeted by cyber attackers in the Americas, according to the NTT Security 2020 Global Threat Intelligence Report. This is because these types of businesses retain a significant amount of confidential client data in their computer systems such as financial details, tax returns, identification numbers and intellectual property.…
on premise to cloud erp

The Fastest (and Smartest) Ways for Companies Using Microsoft Dynamics GP to Get to the Cloud

With roughly 40,000 companies in the U.S. using Microsoft Dynamics GP, it’s a safe bet that many are still running on outdated, in-house servers that don’t maximize performance and accessibility. As a famous talk show therapist would say, “How is that working for you?” Probably not that great. Since Dynamics GP is not a true…
Secure Score Office 365 Licensing Assessment

3 Reasons Velosio Should be Your Office 365 Licensing, Security and Maintenance Partner

 Velosio Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Licensing and Management Services will allow you to simplify and control the most fundamental tool set your employees use every day, but the advantages go much further. In a modern digital workplace where remote workers are the new normal and online interaction sometimes outstrips in-person interaction, it is crucial that…
Microsoft Teams Offer

Heads up! Microsoft is providing some serious discounts on meeting and calling experiences in Teams

This week, Microsoft announced a new promotion that I thought many of you should be aware of, including 35% off Advanced Communications for Enterprise Agreement customers, FastTrack support on Skype for Business and Audio Conferencing for Free. If standardizing communications through Teams is something your organization has considered, there is no better time to move…
journey to cloud business software

Choosing Your Cloud Journey: Three Approaches to the Same Destination

If this year has proven anything, it is that businesses need to seriously consider their “cloud strategy.” By cloud strategy, we don’t mean enabling Zoom meetings and Google docs. A true strategy encompasses business applications ranging from ERP to CRM to office productivity to business continuity to relocating digital assets. Pre-pandemic, in April 2019, Gartner…
moving from on-premise to cloud ERP

Thinking About Moving Your On-Premise ERP to the Cloud? Good Thinking! (Watch the video to learn more!)

If your organization has an on-premise ERP, you’ve probably been experiencing the limitations that come with it such as inadequate access for remote workers, increased security risks, and the inability to scale with a fluctuating workforce. Moving ERP to the Cloud While a modern cloud-based ERP solution (such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) is…